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Save electricity and money by looking after your fridge

Did you know that about 14% of your household energy bill is the energy used by your fridge? The old models of fridges with zero eco-friendly and zero efficient features can increase energy bill by as much as £200. By simply switching to an efficient fridge, you can cut down on energy consumption.

On the other hand, it is also important to keep your fridge in a good condition. It should run efficiently so it can be relied on when it comes to cutting back on energy consumption. With that in mind, here are some energy conservation tips you would want to know:

1. Clean your fridge's coils

The coils are responsible for exhausting hot air. If cobwebs and dirt have accumulated in the coils, the fridge cannot exhaust hot air easily. Because of that, it might work harder in lowering the temperature in the fridge interior.

Make sure that there is a reliable expulsion of hot air. Try cleaning the coils using a shopvacuum. In most modern fridge brands, the coils are enclosed in a panel found at the back part of the machine. You might need to use a screw driver to remove the panel.

Do not push the fridge too closely to the wall. There should be at least 2 inches of space in between the wall and the fridge. This will make sure that hot air will be emitted properly. Moreover, you can also use this space to dry up small garments such as underwear and handkerchief.

2. Avoid storing hot foods

Let hot foods cool down first before storing them in the fridge. The temperature of the food can add up to the heat inside the fridge. This will make the machine work harder in lowering down the temperature. As a result, it consumes more energy.

Moreover, materials such as Pyrex and porcelain break faster if there is an abrupt switch in temperature. Do not immediately place hot porcelain o Pyrex inside the fridge or the materials might break or crack inside.

3. If you are not using up most of the space inside, try filling it up with pitchers of water

The machine tends to work harder in cooling down the spaces inside. If you don't have anything to store, just unplug the machine. If not, you can try filling up pitchers with water and store them inside the fridge.

These simple methods can cut down your fridge's energy consumption. You can save a lot of money every year if you follow these tips.

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Author: Zack Smith