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Second Hand Neff Fridges In The UK

NEFF K1514X7GB Built In FRIDGE - 2 Year Parts and Labour Warranty
Air Ventilation Grid For A Neff Integrated Fridge- K4316X4GB-Spare Parts
Neff KN546A3 (KI8523D40) Integrierter Einbau-Kühlautomat weiß EEK: A+++
Neff KN 546 A2 (KI8523D30) Integrierter Einbau-Kühlautomat weiß EEK: A++
Neff K 815 A2 (KI1812F30) Integrierter Einbau-Kühlautomat EEK:A++
neff built in fridge
NEFF K315A2 Einbau-Kühlschrank K1536X8 Festtür 103cm EEK: A++
NEFF KN436A3 Einbau-Kühlschrank KI8413D40 Festtür 123cm EEK: A+++
NEFF K436A3 Einbau-Kühlschrank KI1413D40 Festtür 123cm EEK: A+++
NEFF KN436A2 Einbau-Kühlschrank KI8413D30 Festtür 123cm EEK: A++
NEFF K435A2 Einbau-Kühlschrank KI1413F30 Festtür 123cm EEK: A++
NEFF K415A2 Einbau-Kühlschrank K1545X8 Festtür 123cm EEK: A++
NEFF K414A2 Einbau-Kühlschrank K1544X8 Schlepptür 123cm EEK: A++
Neff KL 215 A (K1515X8) Einbau-Kühlschrank weiß EEK: A++
NEFF KI1212S30G BUILT-IN LARDER FRIDGE 54cm 144 litres, A++
NEFF KI1513F30G N70 A++ Built In Larder Fridge 247 Litres White
NEFF K215A1 Einbau-Kühlschrank K1515X7 Festtür 88cm EEK: A+
NEFF K214A2 Einbau-Kühlschrank K1514X8 Schlepptür 88cm EEK: A++
NEFF K215A2 Einbau-Kühlschrank K1515X8 Festtür 88cm EEK: A++
NEFF K235A2 Einbau-Kühlschrank KI1213F30 Festtür 88cm EEK: A++
NEFF K236A3 Einbau-Kühlschrank KI1213D40 Festtür 88cm EEK: A+++
NEFF KI1412S30GN50 A++ Built In Larder Fridge 211 Litres RRP£587 COLLECTION ONLY
*Neff K1544X8 Einbau Vollraum-Kühlschrank 122,5er Nische 37dB 221L 103kWh A+++
Neff KI2823F30G Integrated Fridge with Ice Box, A++ Energy Rating
Neff Integrated Fridge
NEFF KI8826D30 N90 A++ Built In Fridge 269 Litres White
Neff K1515X8 - K 215 A2 Integrierter Einbau-Kühlautomat - Flachscharnier
Neff KI2323F30 - FreshSafe - K345A2 Integrierter Einbau-Kühlautomat - Flachschar
Neff K1544X8 - K414A2 Integrierter Einbau-Kühlautomat - Schleppscharnier
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